This page still WIP!

This page still WIP!

update: Apr/19th/2021


Hello! And welcome! Thanks for your support to my creation and love for my works. You can find everything you need to know before you start to request.

Before you continue

Befor you start to send me the request, you must confirm that Your age passed the legal age of majority in your country or region!

If your country or region does not have this(legal age) requirement, you must be over 18 years old!



The content of illustration commissions can be varied, but for now only SFW(safe for work) commissions are accepted

The specifications of the illustration commission include but are not limited to avatars, busts, half body and concept art. You can also specify the specifications you want when making the request.It should be noted that different specifications will have different prices, and there is only one character in each illustration by default. You can add more characters, but this will pay extra.

Commission forms

All commissions can be divided into two categories: non-commercial and commercial. Every application should be legal.


◊ Trustor: You

◊ Trustee: I (Eric, Me)

◊ Contract: The commission itself.


Most of the commission should be nun-commercial. It covered most of the usage, and have a fix price.

the usage including and not limited to:

◊ Use as trustor's personal avatar

◊ Use in trustor's personal profile

◊ Use in trustor's personal website

◊ Use in trustor's personal website

◊ Non-profit physical printing(Less than 2 pieces)


In this category, all commissioned products including physical and digital, can be used in every legal commercial project.

the usage include and limited to:

◊ Profitable physical printing after negotiating the quantity


I reserve the authorship of all art pieces I made.

All characters should belongs to their owners.

All Fan Art should be nun-commercial, unless trustor has the right to use these characters.

Payment method

Only use PayPal invoices for transactions

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