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Procrastination x Countdown

Procrastination is not strange to me. As a college student, sometimes I delay projects that should be completed as soon as possible, so that I have to stay up late to finish that. Procrastination is caused by many reasons, and there are many solutions or treatments. However, I do not intend to solve this problem through this project, but to discover what is behind.


In fact, we live in a very stressful environment, watching the passing of things or the end of events all the time, from how soon the next subway trains into the station, how long the fossil fuel on the earth will be exhausted, and further when the universe is about to end. In short, we are facing all kinds of countdowns all the time.


A survey in 2007 shown that 70% of university students categorized themselves as procrastinators, some of the would procrastinate consistently and considered it a major problem in their lives. And I’m not excepted.

Whenever you plan to procrastinate doing something, your work efficiency will appear very poor and take more pressure. Then you will not want to work even more. This is a vicious circle.

The Countdown

The only thing remind you that still have job to do must be something very strong or intense like deadline. In fact, anything have a deadline. The nearest can be next alarm clock, for longer, could be the time when we running out all fossil fuel. Even further, the end of universe.


With the countdown comes pressure, and pressure is an important factor that leads to procrastination. I also intend to use this element to create a tense atmosphere. In this project, I will choose 10 things or events in real life, add a countdown to them, and at the same time use environmental and visual effects to enhance the tensity.

In the final visual presentation, the audience will have the initiative. Faced with the tension caused by the countdown, to face it or be troubled by it, the audience needs to make a choice.

Tear Down

Breakdown and wip

cover cover
cover cover

Time is always our scarcest resource, whenever the things we love are about to end, we always hope that there will be one more minute, This project is not just an experiment on time and procrastination, but also my introspaction of time

Eric (Shuyang He)

2020 July