I'm Eric Herilan

I forgot when I gave this pseudonym to myself, but I remember It's created by myself. And I did use it for a long time.

Anyway, you can call me Eric!

About this website

I bought this domain in 2017, and start to build it as my personal website.

It's not an easy task for me, because I know nothing about website building. so at first, this site was only a single html file contained a image with title on top.

Then I trying to learn CSS and Javascript, and slowly enrich this place. I'll list a website update log somewhere. And of course, I'll still adding new stuff in this little website continually.

Of course, there is still a lot of things to be done on this website. For now, I just tried to manage it by myself.

Visual things

This is my first time designing a webpage, the overall structure may look familiar, and I try to make this easier to code.

The color set was simple, extracted from a previous sketch(you can guess which one).

I'm a visual designer in real life, and sometimes I do UI stuff. Most of the time I am doing things for clients. when I start to do something for myself, It's feels different. Totally freedom, sometime too free to be controlled. this is different from the freedom of school work, The expected results and goals have to be controlled by myself. And I have no idea of what will pop up with the code I typed.

Anyway, this is a unique design experience for me, even the result may unpredictable.

About my self

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Here is a piece of sketch I drew earlier :D

A wandering soul in the galactic ocean

A light house will be my fortune